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You need the right marketplace or e-marketplace solution to help you implement your vision to connect buyers to sellers. We provide not just a great out of the box solution but can provide additional services to make it work to your needs.

If you have gone down the plugin path and experienced the limitations, lack of support and more critically the scalability problems you know it's time to invest in an Enterprise level solution. We provide Enterprise Multi-Vendor Marketplaces and Multi Store Scalable eCommerce in multiple countries. You can focus on your business and use us minimally or as much as you need to provide a customized turn key solution for you while we take care of the challenges of signing up suppliers and promoting your marketplace.

Want the Flexibility to Sell the Same product from More than One Supplier?

You need a Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

Struggling To Scale With Other Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugins?

Invest in the right e-marketplace platform solution to avoid starting again later

Avetti's Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution
Power and Flexibility

Here are a few of the standard out of the box features

Supplier Portals to Manage Products and Orders

Each supplier can upload products or resell a product already in the marketplace and just provide pricing and inventory levels. Orders that come to the marketplace are split to each supplier and suppliers can receive orders and advise when orders have shipped.

Multiple Sites and Marketplaces

Product Data from Suppliers (manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers) flows to the Master Catalog and can be shared to Multiple Marketplaces or B2C/B2B Stores via a publishing workflow. Enterprise Plans permit multiple sites with different subsets of wholesalers, manufactures and suppliers. Create retailer stores that can sell from in store stock or drop ship from wholesalers. Use Geolocation to find the nearest supplier or retailer store from the shopper.

Manage Suppliers via Master Catalog

Supply products from one or multiple vendors to the common Master Catalog. The Master Catalog stores all the data from every supplier . Share the products from the Master Catalog to multiple B2C/B2B sites or multiple Marketplaces by catalog and subset of suppliers. You can also create an independent store for each supplier with separate payment, shipping, url and visual designs.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace MCW
Customer Analytics

Capable of creating detailed reports using Jasper. Determine top movers based on inventory data changes. Create and build more than 28 reports based on the top movers, changes in the inventory, products often purchased with this product, products commonly purchased with the last product purchased, top sellers and categories. Configure your own custom reports in our administration module. Create additional reports using the Business Intelligence Reporting Tool. Integration to Google Analytics and Google Maps.

Catalog Management

Allow easy management of products by vendors wherein vendors can add, edit, update products. Also, they can Upload products in bulk using XLS sheets. Product image carousels capable of showing different sets of images per product Product options can be defined via dropdown lists, radio buttons, and colour swatches Using our powerful tools, you can dynamically reconfigure product options and choose whether or not to hide out of stock products Out of stock products can be shown with the option to request notification once they have been restocked.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Manage Commissions
Manage Commissions

Set up flexible Commissions for vendors depending on their hierarchy or product categories. Add fixed or percentage wise commission rules. Add tax rules and easily calculate total commission on every order.

Multi Vendor Inventory & Price Management

Get a clear overview of vendor specific inventory and pricing and keep track of available stock and products with them. Setup rules to display products as in stock or out of stock for all or specific vendors. Setup different tier base, location base or even add setup cost on base pricing to channel your pricing strategy.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Shipping Management
Multi Vendor Shipping Management

Set up vendor specific shipping charges and discounts to promote your bestselling vendors or products. Choose from multiple shipping partners to optimize shipping costs and maximise ROI.

Multi Vendor Order Management

Allow vendors to manage their orders and ship their products without any intervention. Provide easy view of orders with complete details of open, cancelled and closed orders. Allow vendors to generate and print invoice, ship order, marked shipped order, cancel order etc.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution Return Management
Advance Returns & Refunds Management

Manage simplified return and refund process. Return or refunds for each product can be managed for the supplier directly.

Marketplace Payments

Get a comprehensive Marketplace ledger to calculate and track the payments/receivables for Vendors. View complete details of vendor ledger including transactions, pending orders and invoices.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution Marketplace Payments
Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

Send notifications to vendors and customers informed using Push Notification for browser and desktop, Email, SMS. Be on top of every business activity with timely notifications at various activity levels. Marketing Campaign tools to send Email, SMS, and Push Notifications Item and shipping promotions, unlimited or limited use of coupons that can be specified or uploaded Limit promotions only to apply on to specific countries or states via Geolocation Viral Promotions via Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Management

Ability for administrators and CSRs to directly message customers in the site. Ability to Login as Customer to easily troubleshoot order or functionality questions. Upon placing an order, our solution automatically updates customer properties such as last item ordered and customer geolocation. Enterprise Level Pricing by shopper group, offer code, date range, and via customer segments. Customer Segments to specify content and prices per shopper.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution Customer Management
Affiliate Marketplaces

One of the key challenges for a new marketplace is on boarding enough vendors to launch the marketplace and then importing product data from those suppliers. Avetti solves this problem by permitting suppliers to upload products OR you can optionally permit suppliers to use their own commerce store and recording leads and sales passed to that external store.

This dramatically simplifies new supplier onboarding and can permit you to add more suppliers more quickly to your marketplace.

This feature permits you to have a mix of products from suppliers, suppliers that sell products you already have in your master catalog (our multi vendor marketplace capability), suppliers that you link to as an affiliate either on a site basis or on a per product basis.

Audit Logs

Enhance the security of your admin CMS pages with audit logs that tracks user activities.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution Audit Logs

Need More Flexibility to Market to Your Shoppers?

See some of our Advanced Shopper Features

Saas Marketplace Platform Micro Sites
Supplier Micro Sites

Setup mini storefront pages for your sellers on custom domain or on your sub domain . Create seller specific mini ecommerce site showcasing top products with their branding, Lead/Contact us and about us page sections to drive online visibility globally. Setup user accounts on a store where suppliers can enter products to a particular category Simpler user interface than the full store approach and a prefix is automatically set to any product codes entered. Uses 1 store only. Good approach for small vendors to have a supplier enter product data in a simpler way.

Social Media Integrations

Advance social media integrations. Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Oauth2, SAML SSO options.

Saas Marketplace Platform Socila Media Integration
Multi Vendor Listing Pages
Multi Vendor Listing Pages

Allow customers to compare prices or filter products based on suppliers/vendors. Give the opportunity to your customers to analyze, rate and review vendor profile based on order experience.

Scalability, Speed & Security

Scalable to support millions of products Autoscaling adds power only when needed. Clustered for high performance. High Performance – we have customers serving 700 pages per second. 3 levels of caching: query caches, hibernate cache, and the Data Transfer Object cache. Solr support for high performance, optional Endeca support for even higher performance. Scale to millions of products. Even a low cost single server 16 gig c5.2xlarge can support 500K products.

Multi-Vendor Platoform : Scalablity, Speed and Security
Saas marketplace Platform : Preview and Production
Preview and Production

Publish to a cluster. Multi Everything including Stores, Languages and Currencies for Global Merchants. Powerful Omnichannel Retailing (ask for details).

Shipping and Tax Integration

Shipping Integration via UPS, Fedex, Flat Rates, or via web services to your system. Support for 3rd party freight and customer supplied Fedex numbers. Rich Tax support to handle complex Euro tax rules.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace : Shipping and Tax Integration
Multi-Vendor Marketplace : Powerful Geolocation
Powerful Geolocation

It lets you limit products per country / state. Item Filtering to limit products by shopper group, sub-store skin. Customer Segments based on the Geolocation of the shopper.

Shopper Verification

Setup verification process on your ecommerce store with Captcha, OTP via email, SMS verification and Optional Multi Factor Login U2F Keys. Plus Single Sign On via Google, Facebook, Twitter and external Oauth, Oauth2, and SAML Identity providers.

Saas Marketplace : Shoppers Verification
Multi-Vendor Marketplace : Mobile Responsive

Offer feature rich customer experience to your shoppers on each device by offering device specific themes, UX, UI designs which are mobile and Tablet optimized. Create a unique look and feel of your online store for each of the device resolutions for better conversions.

Custom Products and Personalization

Create custom sign up forms and feedback from your customers or sellers from your ecommerce website. Create customer connect to understand them better. Products support dynamically modified attributes such as size / color to select only SKUs available in inventory. Multiple Questions can be added to product pages and checkouts to provide additional data with products and orders. Strong support for personalization of products and complex configurable products.

Custom Products and Personalization
Warehouse and ERP Integration via our Standard APIs or file exchange
Warehouse and ERP Integration via our Standard APIs or file exchange

Easy ERP integration of products, prices, inventory, and orders via simple code modules that bring data to a local database(s). Push data using Soap/XML web services to send any additional data to/from your ERP systems to the commerce database. Pull Data via URLs with XML output or Soap web service calls to your ERP system to show open orders and any other data from your ERP system on the shop.

Trusted Payment

Payment Processors

Avetti can integrate with several payment gateways providers across the globe. If you have a custom provider, Talk to Us!

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Avetti can integrate with several CRM & ERP softwares across the globe. If you have a custom provider, Talk to Us!


Avetti can integrate with several Logistics Tools across the globe. If you have a custom provider, Talk to Us!


Avetti can integrate with several Marketing Tools across the globe. If you have a custom provider, Talk to Us!

Multi Channel Integration

Optionally list on marketplaces of your choice. Scale your online presence by selling across marketplaces globally.

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