Government Ecommerce

Save by moving to a Customizable SaaS solution.

We can take your existing solution and convert it to Avetti Commerce and lower your annual running costs to the cost of 1 or 2 staff members.

We deliver Accessibility, High Security and integration to your business partners in a fully managed solution that can be customized further when needed.

An example of our work is our work with Publications Ontario which is the 2nd highest trafficked site the Government of Ontario in Canada has.

The site sells digital and physical publications and subscription publications and integrates to warehouses and suppliers.

We customized to add an advanced order management solution with credit levels and payment history tracking with specialized business rules for B2B customers such as other government ministries and B2C customers such as the public. The advanced order management system produces invoices and payment tracking and saves the need for an ERP system.

We are working with other Governments and Banks globally that need similar savings.

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