Business Unlimited

Private marketplace for Global Sellers in Multiple Languages with optional integration to up to 135 other marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada, Mercado Libre, etc.

The Business Unlimited solution is ideal if you want to sell globally on other marketplaces

You can sell on Amazon, Lazada, Walmart, Ebay, Wish, Best Buy, Mercado Libre and up to 135 other marketplaces. Ask us for the complete list.

Create your own Private Marketplace with your network of Suppliers AND Also sell on other Marketplaces

You can sell unlimited products from 500 sellers. Need more? We can add additional cloud services or upgrade to Enterprise.


  • Sell on other marketplaces like Amazon to increase your global sales and get the initial order
  • Sell Repeat orders on your private marketplace and reduce your marketplace commission costs
  • Sell products from Suppliers on other marketplaces and route the order to your suppliers to fulfill.

What's included?

High Quality React Demo Store Included

There has been a technological shift in the past year to powerful new React front end technology that dramatically improves the speed and quality of the site we will provide for your marketplace. Even if you choose another solution, don't waste your money on a classic html 5 site.

In addition, with React your teams can take over the front end of the solution to expand it as needed to 22,000 other add-ons. This is a massive shift in control to you. For example, let's say you wanted to add Augmented Reality to your product images to let people see your product on an object your phone’s camera is viewing. You could easily do this integration without needing to request a new feature from us. Other solutions with plugins limit how you can modify your site's user experience.

We also include a Drupal CMS component that lets you use Drupal to approve content your teams have made appear on your site. Suppliers can also use this to manage their About Us Page

Avetti Commerce brings you this added control and quality.

Headless Commerce with Microservices

This approach is also known as Headless Commerce or a micro services architecture. Basically the whole site is static and served off S3 and the data that changes is all that's requested from our servers. You get more speed and a better quality solution.

We handle all the complexity of setup with continuous integration and ongoing support.

Got Suppliers with Retail Locations?

We also have a location based demo store that lets shoppers see retail locations on a map and pick the closest that match criteria. Great for Manufacturers or Distributors with multiple retail locations or Restaurant Delivery Services

Or conversely with our standard demo store you can see a map of suppliers. Imagine selecting from a complex list of search facets the products you need. Then click the map button to find local suppliers.

We also have an optional Click and Collect Package that lets shoppers order online and pick up and pay at the store. Save the credit card processing fees!

Supplier Portals

Avetti Commerce includes web portals for your suppliers so they can upload products and manage prices and inventory whether on a desktop or mobile phone and in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin. Others can be added.

The marketplace takes product data and prices from suppliers sends it to a master catalog where your team can optionally approve each supplied product.

If the product is already in your master catalog then suppliers need only provide inventory and pricing via the admin pages or in spreadsheet format.

Need detailed product specifications? We can refer to you catalog data providers.

Need a team to work with your suppliers to provide support? We can help.

For suppliers that are larger we have CSV and web service interfaces they can use to automate exchange or orders, prices and inventory. For less sophisticated suppliers they can just upload a spreadsheet or use the mouse.

No Transaction Fees - we don't charge transaction fees. There are no charges for API calls. Only if you need to increase the amount of cloud services you need will the cost increase. But you can make that decision. You won’t get surprised with fees.

Our approach to SaaS gives you control. You can choose the payment processor you want or receive payment via wire transfer or any other way.

Progressive Web App Included

Don't waste money buying Apps. Did you know on average people install zero apps per month. The new approach to solve this is called a Progressive Web App. This is served from your website and not the Google Play or Apple Store. Basically a shopper that uses a mobile phone is given an option to install the app locally on his phone. This gives more speed, some offline capability and its always updated as your site updates. A Progressive Web App is included.

Real Help as you Need

Included with the Business Unlimited Plan is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Support Package with 5 hours hands-on help every month to help you setup products and get running. Additional support available as needed.

We also Include an Account Manager - a real person - you can communicate with via Skype, Slack or Whats app chat.

Need customization or integration? We can quote. Email us your requirements.

Yes this is Customizable SaaS.

Sell Globally

You may only need a single language and currency now but we also support multiple languages and currencies.

This is for the commerce site and the admin pages. This means suppliers in another country can manage their products and orders in their language and customers can see products in their language. Ask us for the latest list of languages we support.

We also can automatically translate your product descriptions into multiple languages.

We also support multiple currencies so customers can see prices in their local currency

Add On Options:

To Sell Globally the Multichannel Package provides integration to up to 135 marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada and Mercado Libre. List on other marketplaces and route orders to your suppliers! Use a public marketplace to get new orders and handle repeat orders on your private marketplace and save commission charges.

Use our Procurement Sales Package to integrate to Procurement systems of large firms to make it easy for large firms to buy your products.

Our Global Sellers Package provides chat operators in countries globally to answer customer enquiries in THEIR time zone.

Our Marketing Package provides services to manage your online advertising for you. There are many SEO firms that overpromise. What you need is the basics configured with a defined budget to start.

If you need more than simple Logo and Color changes need a Custom Design other than the look of our demo store then as you have full front end access your tech teams or any react website development shop can do this for you. Alternatively, if you provide us with screen shots of the look you want for the home, category and item pages our teams can quote a Custom Design Services package to implement your custom design.

If you have any custom requirements or integration requirements we can also quote as well.

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