Licensed Software

Are you looking for modern headless commerce software for your internal development teams to build on to jump start your ecommerce project?

Do you need one or more marketplaces for your Industry? We can help. We work with retailers, banks, insurance companies and governments and tourism boards to bring together businesses to resell their products on custom private marketplaces.

We have a multi store Java backend providing micro-services to a React front end.

Our solution is cloud agnostic and can install in any cloud or even your datacenter.

We include at no additional cost an advanced React demo store that you can use to accelerate your development.

By using React your developers can extend and add as needed.

Our microservices API lets you call us to render a catalog of product in other apps or smart devices.

We also have experienced global teams ready to help customize and support your teams.

We have delivered 500+ projects over the past 15 years and 1000+ brands are powered by our solution.

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